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project Thank you’s
A space dedicated to expressing love
An invitation to express gratitude

This project began with the title “Love letters”.
When I floated this with potential contributors they froze.
Nearly unanimously they indicated that writing a love letter was way to intimate and entangled.
It emitted strange sounds from people’s throats, even when I assured them ‘love’
may be any of the 8 defined by the Greeks.


  1. Eros - romantic, passionate love

  2. Philia - affectionate love

  3. Agape - selfless, universal love

  4. Storge - familiar love

  5. Mania - obsessive love

  6. Ludus - playful love

  7. Pragma - enduring love

  8. Philautia - self love

They were simply not having it. Some after lengthy conversation were willing to write a love letter, and as I want this to be an open an invitation to channel energy into healing and raising vibration, I realized simplicity was key.

Therefore, please accept our invitation to write a - thank you letter, love letter, poem, motto, song, or phrase - and send it for posting to FoodMood. Together, one word - from your heart - at a time,
we join individual and collective vibrations to forgive, heal, and love.

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