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Every moment is an invitation to meet yourself, in that moment, free of judgment and full of love.

Soul. Human. Woman. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Student. Teacher. Motivator. Spreader of joy.

Guide of inner and outer landscapes, souls as well as cities.

Receiving all who wish to meet themselves, individually or in small groups.


Together we travel the path of discovery, healing, and consciousness. 
Creating a sacred space to meet and accept yourself, to explore the gift of being,
and to live in gratitude and grace. Living from the heart.

Teachers and the way

If I look with my logical brain, I have been on this path, this journey of self-awareness, for more than three decades. If I look in my heart, I have been here for many lifetimes. As a small person I always had the feeling of ‘not belonging’, as if I was a guest here on this planet.


Ironically in little school (grammar school in the U.S.) I was nicknamed ‘Alien’ and this was not a term of endearment. My sensation of living, being, on the outside, the fringe, was summed up in this moniker which at the time seemed cruel. Looking back, I giggle at the wisdom of children, had I only had the perspective of adulthood to see that in those moments.


Perspective is a space I have sought for a lifetime. A libra and a dog by Greek and Chinese zodiacs respectively, balance and perspective are my lifelong quests. Along the way I have been given endless opportunities to learn teachers arriving every day, and four in particular who formed me, and continue to do so: Iosef Shtitelman and Natasha Chekhovskaya and Smadar and Bartolomeo Lanza. The magnitude of their impacts on my life is beyond words, and I will do my best.

Iosef and Natasha, powerful motivators, together they planted seeds for a new kind of business leader in a landscape with daily social and economic ‘earthquakes’. They were the first professionals to alert me to the power of my intensity, and the need to embrace and channel my inner strength so that I might inspire others to connect and grow theirs. Living in the Russian Far East in the late 90’s and early 2000’s life was crackling with possibilities and with their guidance and support I began to blossom as a trainer, a coach, a woman, and a human soul. This empowerment occurred via direct lessons purposefully passed on in professional settings. Equally in the sharing of life, with all its intensity and challenges.


Two phrases tossed around often in our circle:
- ‘without fanaticism’
- ‘take nothing personally’
still echo in my mind when perspective and/or distance are in order.

In 2007 when I arrived in Lugano, nothing I had experienced prepared me for the colossal effect this choice would have on my life. It was as if everything I had learned before was erased and I was beginning from scratch. In my first months I kept hearing the name Smadar, whispered in hushed tones as if speaking of a mythical being. Ever curious, I sought Smadar out, and immediately understood that the whispers were well merited. Here was a human soul who vibrated power and kindness with an intensity like very few. Her guiding hand and channeling soul may be what saved me from total self-destruction in those early days in ‘perfect’ Switzerland.

With a firmness and a confidence that inspired me to regrow my own, Smadar guided me through an internal transformation I did not believe myself to be ready for. In private sessions and group classes her humor and profound perceptions restored my faith in my own possibilities. Then, all too quickly she was gone. Called back to source, she left us in July 2013.

Shortly before her death Smadar invited her clients to begin working with Bartolomeo, her husband. Now for more than 10 years I have had the privilege to learn from and be guided by Bartolomeo at Sheva Center in Lugano.

If Smadar restored my faith in my own possibilities, Bartolomeo consistently, with infinite love, patience, and compassion invites me to grow and share my gifts. With humility, humor, and profound clarity Bartolomeo invites each of us to be who we are. No bells, frills, methods, pretenses, or judgments. Each time I have considered to give up my work as a Guide, Bartolomeo has returned me to my path, reminding me that we all have a responsibility to share our gifts. Reflecting back to me my fears and blocks with kindness and light, Bartolomeo is a living example of what life can be when we are consistent, congruent, and coherent. Working with Bartolomeo over these years is a constant source of inspiration to live what I believe in practical and extraordinary ways. It is much thanks to him that I am still on my path today, and moreover that I have the humility and perspective to continue to walk my path and accompany others as they walk theirs, with love and endless compassion for us all.


It was my wish to express gratitude to them that inspired me to create the Thank you’s  section here on FoodMood. Accordingly, theirs are among the stories I share to express my gratitude and joy.


Stories will slowly populate this space, in a hope to inspire others to reach out and share their stories; in a thank you card, a love letter, a blog post, a social media story, in any and every way. All this gratitude contributing to the raising of individual and collective vibrations, world peace from the inside out.


Path to meditation on the way

My entire adult life I have been involved in personal and professional development. Since 1992 I have been a soul guide, personal coach, teacher, and trainer. Living and working in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland, constantly learning.


Meditation has played a key role in my own development, in particular in how I apply my skills and experience as a guide. It requires no props, has no doctrines, nor dogmas. Eyes open or closed. Breath in. Breathe out.


What started out as a way to relax evolved into a way to heal and activate. Naturally meditation became a key component in my work as a teacher and guide. Today with open heart based communication, I have incorporated guided meditations, chanting, breath and energy work to invite individuals and groups to connect to their soul selves, heal, find peace, be present, and activate themselves in meaningful and authentic ways, at work and at home.


Meditation is an invitation to a deep sense of interconnection, healing, gratitude, and grace.
Sharing this state instills me with a clear sense of purpose.


Once someone said to me, "Meditating won’t make you money. Meditate less, work more."

Some part of me believed them, and I meditated every day anyway.


I discovered that meditation is food for my soul.

Meditation is how I nourish myself every day to live life fully.

Daily meditation opens my mind to the infinite possibilities in life, personally and professionally.


During the pandemic I asked myself what I could do to contribute to my own wellness and the wellness and healing of others.


The answer came clear, meditate. First, I committed to increase my regular meditations to 1-2 hours per day. Next, I began an online meditation group with a small circle of close friends. Before I knew it, my path was clear.


Empowering us all to let go and live life fully in the absence of judgement and in the presence of joy and love with infinite compassion and gratitude.

Click here for my full CV.

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