Committed to conscious living

For nearly 30 years in five countries and four languages I have been a teacher and personal coach.

Living and working in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland, my entire adult life I have been involved in the field of personal and professional development.


Over these years my practice has evolved in tandem with my commitment to personal development. Consistently growing my own skill set in service to my mission as a teacher and coach I have added various tools to my professional toolbox; nutritional therapist, spiritual guide, massage therapist, voice therapist, blogger, and children’s book author. 

In 2018 I began this blog, FOODMood, as a place for me to express my commitment to conscious living. With FOODMood, I crawled out into the world with my writing, ideas, thoughts, adventures, and travels.

FOODMood was a safe place to exist in near anonymity, where only friends ever visited. An archive for all the seemingly unconnected parts of my life. A place for me to string myself together. When the Bunny Chronicles children’s series was published, FOODMood allowed me to share Bunny with the world effortlessly.

Organically FOODMood has evolved to be a space for me to share my experiences of living consciously. FoodMood is your private space to explore your conscious living.

Living consciously starts with the recognition that we always have choices, even when we do not like them.


Viewing life as a choice is powerful.


To choose and accept my choices in life, without judgment, reproach, or fear is to see all choices and life situations as opportunities. Each person and situation is there to help me grow and live in choice.


As a teacher and a coach, my work is interactive and individual. My ‘method’ is to meet you where you are and to awaken you to your superpowers. To see that you already have everything you need to see solutions effortlessly, to embrace life as an opportunity, and to live each day making conscious choices.


I offer private sessions in person or online. 

Group trainings are provided upon specific request in person or online.

All of my work is based on an individual approach that starts with you wherever you are in this moment.

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