Private Sessions:

  • 100/hour by appointment

Workshops by customized theme and length from ½ day to 1 week.
Possible themes include:

  • Consciousness - Practical applications for everyday life

  • Effective Communication, from the inside out. Exploring para-verbal communications and how they impact

  • Intercultural communications

  • Food & Consciousness

Speaking engagements on any topic related to Communication, consciousness, & food.
Some possible topics include:

  • Consciousness - Practical applications for everyday life

  • Food & Consciousness

To choose and accept our choices in life, without judgment, reproach or fear is to see all choices in life situations as opportunities. This allows us to imagine that every person and situation exists to assist us to realize or understand something new in our life. Each person and situation is there to help us grow and live in choice.

Since 1992 I have been a personal coach and trainer, living and working in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and now Switzerland. Essentially, my entire adult life I have been involved in personal and professional development. Over these years I have added various tools to my professional toolbox; nutritional therapist, spiritual guide, massage therapist, voice therapist, blogger, and children’s book author. 


My work is interactive and individual. My method is to meet you where you are and use my toolbox to assist you to yours. To awaken you to your superpowers; to see that you already have everything you need to see solutions effortlessly, to embrace life as an opportunity, and to live each day making conscious choices.

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