Personal Coaching

Do you ever feel like you need a helping hand?

In individual coaching sessions, meditation circles, and personalized podcasts, there is something to nourish every soul with FoodMood, in person and online.

As a coach, I

  • Guide people to go beyond habits and beliefs and live their full potential.

  • Empower women to let go and live authentically and completely.

  • Nurture your living life on purpose

in the absence of judgement and in the presence of joy and love.

My entire adult life I have been involved in personal and professional development. Since 1992 I have been a personal coach, teacher, and trainer, living and working in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland.

Meditation has played a key role in my own development, in particular in how I apply my skills and experience as a coach. What started out as a way to relax evolved into a way to heal and activate. Naturally meditation became a key component to my coaching and teaching practices.


Today with guided, breath, and sound meditations I assist clients to connect to their soul selves, heal, find peace, be present, and activate themselves in meaningful and authentic ways, at work and at home.

Private sessions  and meditation circles available in person or via Zoom.

For more information about your personal coaching session contact me directly at

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