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The Bunny Chronicles

The Bunny Chronicles are a dream come true. They represent everything I believe about communication – that it is a creative, sometimes challenging, way to connect with another human soul. When I discovered I would become an Auntie, for a second time, I was filled with joy and sorrow. I was already an Auntie and my connection to my first niece is lacking. This time I needed to do something different.


Baby on the way’s Mommy is a librarian, I love to read… I will write children’s books.
In an instant my mission to express my love of reading and share my own stories with my far away, soon to be niece, gave birth to the Bunny Chronicles.


What started out as one book for an audience of one, became a growing series of children's books and
every/any occasion postcards for a global village.  

Order yours today.

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