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Nutritional Therapy

Whatever your nutritional needs are, we will begin with (re) connecting you to the wisdom of your internal guidance where all of your food choices reflect conscious, healthy choices in that moment. Together we will


  • Determine your needs individually

  • Explore your relationship with food with a 1-1 evaluation of nutrition & lifestyle needs

  • Create Recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes


Sessions are in person or online

Other session options include

  1. Cupboard/menu preparation & food shopping 

  2. Healthy cooking together in your kitchen

  3. Any combination of these or something we create especially for you

What I offer as a Nutritional Therapist is an outcrop of Guiding with food as our angle of approach. There is no one way to eat, eating is a form of communication with one’s self. Food trends come and go. What is constantly applicable is our ability to listen to what we need, physically and emotionally, and make conscious choices about our responses to what we hear.


Becoming a Nutritional Therapist gave me the chance to combine my greatest passions, communication, food, culture, travel, and the joy of sharing meaningful connections, internally and externally. It gave me another angle to approach heart based communication, with the self and others, through our relationship with food. The Food Speaks component of FOODMood is based on how we communicate with food, quite literally.

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