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Order your copy of the Bunny Chronicles newest story - WHERE did BEARLI GO?


Join Bearli in Belgium his first story on his own. Bearli misses his family, and he is excited about an unexpected twist of fate. Now he is faced with the realization that he can choose his own story. Where does Bearli go?


Bearli's Belgium adventure of discovery where things do not go exactly as planned.

Kidnapped, Bearli takes the lead in planning a daring flight to freedom. For the first time, he is on his own and learns a new way to keep in touch with Bunny, Mommy, and Poppy – his Swiss family. Together with his new friends, he literally lands upon an old friend Bouboulina, the gullet from Turkish Delights. She has been sailing the seven seas since Kaptan June bequeathed her to the first crew of lost toys. Inspired by Kaptan June, the crew races from mission to mission making the planet a safer, more welcoming place.


Get your copy now and find out, WHERE did BEARLI GO?


This book is printed on 100% recycled paper and is loosely in the form of a graphic novel.

B4: The Bunny Chronicles - WHERE did BEARLI GO?

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    For multiple + schools/organization orders contact the author directly at

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