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Turkish Thank You's

Translation: Love will find a way. Take away: Love is the way

Empowerment, inspiration, and constant learning.

These three words give voice to what it means to me to be a teacher and a guide.

As part of the Thank you’s project I have personally invited all of my clients, students, and collaborators to contribute their own special versions. Hoping each month to post their gifts. In March I was presented with two gifts from two extraordinary Turkish women.


Ayse writes a love letter to remind herself who she is and in her words we may each find ourselves.


Dear Ayşe,I wrote this letter for you because I know you need these words.My lovely girl, please relax and enjoy life. These days you have hard feelings about friendship and trust. I don’t want to talk about that, I just focus on you and your relationship with yourself. My dear, you just need to be yourself with kindness, love, and peace.

You don’t search outside for acceptance. You can be in love with yourself, that is the main state of love. You can find everything in your heart.

You just need to listen to the voice of love. Love is universal.


The sharing types are different, at the same time the core is the same. And my love I know you and all beings must do this, and you’re like a Bodhisattva for love and peace.

I am writing this because sometimes you need to remember.

When we are born into this world, we are sent the energy of love by all beings. If you remember this you will find love everywhere, eyes, flowers, bees, trees, human voices, cows… 

Yes, darling this time fall in love with yourself. And then you can spread this love to every living thing, like a water ring.

I love you so much my beauty,



Dilan honors a cat soul, reminding us that all sentient beings are equally deserving of love and respect. An ode to cat lovers everywhere.


Dear Eros, 


You are pure love and you came into this world with a reason. Your heartbreaking end wrecked me, and I cried out for you today. As I understand from your loved ones, you are the most lovely cat in your neighbourhood, always asking for love and attention and playing games with your little brother and all the people that you encounter.


As a mother of 2 cats if I were there, I would take you to our house to live with us. I am so sorry that you are not alive anymore, even without knowing you I felt your presence in my heart.  I believe that you will be a milestone of animal activism in Turkiye. Thanks for your precious soul. I love you so much. 


 Dilan Tüzün 



Thank you both for sharing. Love is the answer.

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