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Communication as a State of Being

Updated: Feb 11

“It's not what you say, it's how you say it.”

I think these might be the earliest words I consciously remember my mother saying to me.

It is said that I was a precocious little child. Taken to behaving more like an adult than my years allowed me. Maybe this was because I spent a lot of time in the company of adults, as many only children do. Maybe because I began reading at age 4 and have been eating books ever since. Whatever the reason, since I was a small being, I understood -

Words only mean as much as the energy we put into them

In her podcast, A Toolkit for a Better Life, Christine Peterson and I speak about this concept, Communication as a State of Being.

Check it out and consider joining FoodMood's upcoming workshop - Paraverbal Communication

During this workshop we will focus on the subtle energetic currents that run under, in, and around our communication.

To do this, aspects of communication which we will consider include:

o how do I communicate responsibly?

o what is my energy in transmitting and receiving messages?

o three types of communication, verbal, nonverbal, and paraverbal

o what is my connectedness, or disconnectedness, with what and how I communicate?

o how does my connection impact my message and its reception?

o what can cause miscommunication?

o what is the difference between transmitting a message and insisting another receive it?

o is my communication an invitation or a demand? Do I know the difference?

o do I see when I interrupt the flow of communication? Do I do it on purpose?

o do I recognize communication as a tool to shine my light, to give my gifts, to offer what it is I came here to do, as well as a tool that can be used for creativity?

For more information or to join this journey contact .

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