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Cookie Communication - Tahini, za’atar & sesame seed biscuits

Have you ever been around someone and felt completely at peace?

Relaxed and happy to be your whole self. Someone whose existence inspires you to be all the best parts of yourself. Someone with whom communication flows, silently, as well as with words and actions.

Agnes is one of these people for me. She is kindness. She seems to be completely at home in her own skin. Being with her is fresh air.

When she chose to come and visit us, on her own, my heart sang. While she was here we hiked, journeyed to Como, chatted and hung out.

The centerpiece of her visit was baking cookies.

Agnes is a magnificent baker and some time ago I sent her a recipe from the New Yorker.

Tahini, za’atar & sesame seed biscuits

(pictured above and in pdf form at the end of this post)

She had already made them two or three times before visiting us and I was keen to learn from her. Everything about our baking was infused with this delight in her presence; shopping for the ingredients, making our own za’atar, baking the cookies, and eating them too!

Wishing you the joy of making them and eating them, alone or with another soul you enjoy as much as I do to be with Agnes.

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