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From judgement to love

Imagine a world where judgment is suspended.

Imagine a world where love and your connection to your soul self would guide you in every choice; mundane and grand.

Walking through a museum with a friend recently, we came upon an extraordinary painting, the very Segantini featured here.

As I gazed at this painting, I thought...

How sensual, how freeing.

Bent over the pond she plays with her shadow, acknowledging its existence its beauty its power.

A moment later, I shared these thoughts with my friend.

She stared at me in astonishment.

“I had the exact opposite thought”, she said, “for me it is the terror of seeing the dark side that I'd rather hide. Ignore or banish. What a different perspective you give me suggesting that instead of fearing her dark side she plays and dances with it, accepting herself for all of who she is.”

This course, From judgment to love, was born that day. While I do not pretend to know art history or what Segantini meant with his painting, I do know what it inspired in me, and I want to share it with every woman.

How many of us have been raised to suppress some part of ourselves that was considered bad or unacceptable, unworthy etc? How many have banished the very thing that makes their soul sing in the name of fitting in or ‘living in the real world?’.

The energy it takes to hide, to cover up, to pretend - who might you be if you stop putting all that energy into pretending?

This new explores those questions and more.

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Lead photo by Giovanni Segantini -thanks to

Segantini - ein Leben in Bildern, Werd-Verlag Zürich; upload by

Adrian Michael, 2007-09, Public Domain,

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