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Listening on Purpose?

Majestic, attentive, playful, social. Curiously graceful and silent.

Camping in the bush in Zambia elephants were a daily sight. Guests on animal turf, we humans were confined to designated areas, especially our sleeping tents. 24/7 hippos and elephants roamed freely. Accordingly, we became accustomed both to seeing them everywhere, all day, and sensing them all night. While hippos are loud and heavy, elephants are light on their feet. These massive beasts, the biggest land mammals on earth, are the ballerinas of the mammal kingdom. They are nearly silent, and despite their bulk their steps are like whispers.

More astounding their hearing abilities. Elephants can hear at frequencies 20 times lower than humans. Their ears allow them to hear up to six miles/nearly 10 kilometres away from their location. They can also hear another elephant's call up to two and a half miles/4 kilometres away.

Elephants also perceive sounds in their trunks, and even in their feet. With special receptors that sense low-frequency vibrations, they are specialists in seismic communication. Relying upon sound waves that travel within the surface of the ground instead of through the air, they literally hear with their feet.

We humans, also hear with far more than our ears. With practice we can ‘hear’ with every sense, including our hearts.

Connect to listening on purpose, with all your senses in the next instalment of the Living on Purpose series.

Once a week, stop for a moment and be still. Listen. Tune in to the sounds and signs of your soul, of the nature within and without. All the answers are there to guide you into life’s flow.

Join me in February for four evenings to connect, heal, and unite with all your senses.

or contact me directly at

Lead image is a Mama and her baby as they wander the bush in Zambia. Taken by Sasha Kuzmina.

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