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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

Fall birthdays, presents, poems, and angels

Fine fall day walking on the lake of Lugano, mountains ablaze in red and golden yellow leaves carpet the pavement.

Her mother must have known for she gave her the perfect name, Angela. Always elegant and smart, with a smile from her heart our friend Angela is a graceful gift. She has a quick wit, is always ready with a kind word, and is up for almost any adventure. Her thoughtfulness is matched by her excellent cooking, and together with Giorgio, their home offers hospitality that makes every guest feel like royalty. Whether serving a grand dish or a simple salad one feels at home in the Lanza household, and leaves with that lingering feeling of being blessed.

PING Autumn Autumn days, a harvest of mature produce nurtured from seed over months and such is our autumn. Reaping the benefits of all we have sewn and tended over a lifetime. Seeds that have been scattered by other people , other places, other experiences Seeds that have been tossed with neglect, trampled and left to wither but the good and strong come through taking their energy and strength where they can and bursting forth sprinkling love, wisdom, joy, gratitude and happiness all around. The autumn stretches far ahead in its golden beauty and so do your days into the next half century.

This lovely poem arrived to my Whatsapp first thing on my birthday. Angela was away and she sent this poem as her greeting.

On Claudio’s birthday we were away, in Sicily, and to him she sent this little diddy, meant to be funny with the flavor of an Irish limerick

There was a young man known as Claudio who grew up and still lives in Paradiso He liked to travel by plane and by car or ride his bike both near and far So he went with his wife , to enjoy the good life on a trip to the isle of Sicilia They went north and south to the east and the west with every intention to seek out the best Up mount Etna they climbed, the sea far behind and from there he proclaimed to all who could hear

che meraviglia.

31 October is Angela’s birthday and this post is a present to her. A reminder that she is a gift to all who know her. That her ready smile and open heart make life in Lugano warm and sunny in every kind of weather. To be sure she knows how grateful we are to laugh in her light and share her adventures. Cheers to many more!

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