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A Life in Books: Chapter six the Tao Te Ching / Meditation Stories No. 1

Left pocket edition of the Tao Te Ching as translated by Stephen Mitchell; right prayer wheel against the backdrop of the Himalayas from my visit there in 2018.

An invitation in 2021 to reflect and meditate on what matters for you.

To begin this year in books I offer you one of my personal treasures. The Tao Te Ching, as translated by Stephen Mitchell, has accompanied me for more than two decades as I traversed the globe.

Here I share it with you as a guide and support for 2021. Written in the 4th century by Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu this book of ‘poems’ offers practical wisdom for everyday life.

Sharing this book is also my way to introduce my podcast series – Meditation Stories. This series is the sister to weekly Meditation Podcasts in which I invite you to devote 5 - 15 minutes of your day to your well-being. A pause for any time of day to refill, rejuvenate, and relax.

Meditation Stories are inspired by people, places, and events that support, facilitate, or are possibly even a result of meditation. Through these ‘stories’ I share various angles of meditation, it's history, process, benefits, and manifestations.

Click here or the image at the tip for a video about this book; how it inspired me to meditate, and it’s role as the first Meditation Story

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