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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

Musings on Lockdown

View of lake Lugano, at our first Qi gong group.

Just before Lugano went on lockdown four soul sisters came together to do a session of Qi gong and have a walk. We did this in one of their spectacular gardens. The sun was shining, and we enjoyed, complete with giggles a plenty, a dancing version Qi gong. For the sake of pure decadence we luxuriated over a coffee before setting out on our walk. For an hour we walked in perfect harmony taking in breathtaking views of lake Lugano and its surrounding mountains in springtime green and blossom. As we prepared to part for the day, we agreed to make a weekly event of this activity. To facilitate this we set up a Whatsapp group, “Qi gong group”. A few days later, we were informed of the lockdown and since then this group has been a daily source of inspiration, support, and laughter.

A few days ago a member of this group sent me something she had ‘jotted’ down.

The minute I read it, what I have termed a poem, my heart burst with joy and tears of delight and love crinkled the corners of my eyes. With frank simplicity and good humor, defining characteristics of the author, the poem at once brings light and humor to the situation. At once reminding me to be grateful and kind, to myself and others, now and always.

“By chance” she shared with me just as I was about to post a related piece, Back to ‘normal’, and the result is here for all to enjoy. How happy I will be when Qi gong group meets in person and how happy I am to be part of this group of women in any way. We dedicate this post to all the soul sisters who sustain, love, and support each other with great doses of humor and virtual embraces with golden hearts.

Musings on Lockdown by Angela Lanza

I love the silence of lockdown How beautiful the birds sound How blessed to live in such a lovely place I want to always remember how slowing down, listening , looking and thinking is not wasted time Why do I still have a ‘to do list ‘as long as ever? I don’t mind ironing apart from super king fitted sheets I really miss my children and granddaughter I really miss my friends Will I be able to cook for more than two people ever again ? I still like my husband I still like me Why is my freezer still full of food ? Staying home means 80% of my wardrobe is redundant Why do insurance companies always find a clause to prevent them from paying out ? Why had the vacuum cleaner filter never been changed ? Why did my cleaner have 3 bottles of Viakal open & in use ? Why is petrol so cheap when you don’t need to fill up your car? How wonderful that my sons are free and happy to FaceTime I want to go to Milan I want to go to Como Why does the dishwasher need emptying so frequently? Who writes all those Covid 19 jokes ? Why does it take 3 times longer to clean the shower than take a shower ? Why did I have 3 bags of Borlotti beans lurking at the back of the cupboard ? Getting dressed up to watch an opera streamed from the Royal Opera House is not the same , even if you do have a glass of champagne I’m running out of my favourite tea from Fortnum Why didn’t we stockpile our favourite Italian champenoise ? Labelling my shoe boxes saves so much time I will never wear high heels again Longer hair needs washing less often Why do gardeners have to use so much noisy machinery ?

Views from our walk. Top a view through the church with the lake of Lugano in the distance with Francesca headed up the steps; bottom left Angela, myself, and Francesca pose by a sculptured hedge; middle bottom Francesca and Esra with the beauty of spring blossoms; bottom right Francesca leads us, Angela and Esra featured, as we make our way along the road with snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Just in time Angela managed to visit daughter Claire and granddaughter Rosa in the UK. This lovely image of 3 generation was snapped at the last moment before she returned to Lugano.

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