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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

the Bunny Chronicles, what people are saying as the adventures continue

Bunny on the shelf and flying with her continuing adventures.

The Bunny Chronicles are picking up speed, with the first book – How Bunny was Born - on the shelves officially in July, and their media presence on Instagram, thanks to Dixi books, is prominent. Plus Dixi has created a workbook for teachers and students to use this series as a teaching platform for young people. Bunny, in short, has taken on a life of her own and her adventures are beyond our expectations – and they are still unfolding.

When I talk about this book, I always say that I wrote it for an audience of one. A love letter if you will to a single being who I hoped might know me. Since then the Bunny Chronicles, along with Bunny and I, have taught an English class in Switzerland, the students of whom made their own illustrated version in Italian - not an official Italian version, and an exciting development all the same. We have traveled to the Bologna book fair with dear Esra and are now in the process of publishing the next book in the series, Magical Portugal.

Here is what a few friends, moms, and grandmothers have to say about the first book:

"I am happy to see this little character, who I have known since she arrived in Switzerland, come to life in printed form. These Chronicles are a perfect way to present Bunny’s adventures and friends for all to enjoy."

A Bunny fan, Joanne Volontè

"As someone who has had the honor of meeting Bunny and her lovely and adventurous mommy, I am so looking forward to reading about the continuing adventures of Bunny, Bearli, Mommy, and Poppy."

Kathleen De marchi

"Seeing Bunny, relaxed in her floppy green hat in Lugano, her demeanor belies the adventures she has had and is still to have. Sharing such adventures takes one to wonderful locations with exciting experiences and makes one look forward to the next adventure. Where’s Bunny next?"

Angela Lanza

Watch this space for more reviews and updates on the Bunny Chronicles and purchase your copy directly here.

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