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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

On the road again.....back in July

The completely packed case

Packing a suitcase. One of my greatest pleasures. Just like going to the grocery store represents cooking and sharing with loved ones present and even in absentia, for me packing a case is the beginning of an adventure. This may have something to do with the fact that I have been packing a case since I was 3 years old, ‘getting ready to go to Daddy’s’. Even if I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, I always loved packing the case. There was something glamorous about packing a case even then, and this feeling remains with me today.

As an adult, I am amazed when people tell me that they hate packing. “How could you hate packing!?”, I ask them. The whole concept of packing is the magical way I enter any and every journey, for work or for play.

Appropriately, this leads me to professional adventures too and we are on the road again. As a Tour Leader my role is to be the bridge between the travelers and their experience of the places we visit, to bring to life the history and the culture in a way that makes them feel connected and knowledge to/about where we are. I am not a local/tour guide, each location (where applicable) has a qualified local/tour guide to accompany the group.

This work is me being myself and getting paid for it. Sharing my passions for travel, adventure, and food, plus my insatiable curiosity for life and people. I have been doing this job in one form or another since I am about 10 years old and much of this site is a product of these adventures.

This work does mean being away from home a lot, and my gut assures me we are opening to new horizons yet unknown. Our small family, furry and otherwise, knows this is a magical opportunity to explore and we will evaluate the future prospects as life unfolds. With the blessing and support of said family, I am following my gut and you are welcome to follow my adventures on Instagram

if this is your thing foodmood.crabtree is how you will find me, and Bunny too!

Meanwhile, we will be back to FOODMood in July.

Pre-pack, you can see it is a family affair

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