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FOOD & Culture 2019 Nutritional Therapists & Health Coaches meeting client needs across cult

Once again, my NT alma mater IINH, gave me the opportunity to lead an interactive session titled Food & Culture with fellow Nutritional Therapists (NTs), Nutrition & Health Coaches (NHCs), and current students of these disciplines. In this 75 minute program we explored the concept of food and culture as it relates to assisting clients in their optimal healing. We talked about empowering clients to make food choices that are at once healthy for their bodies and satisfying to their emotional and cultural needs and norms.

This year we used the recipes that are already available here on FOOD Mood as detailed on page 17 plus recipes from Emily Magee, available here.

Interested in a nutritional therapy session that meets your individual needs culturally and completely?

Contact me directly at

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