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Cory’s apple cake desert, breakfast, snack

Always on the lookout for something Claudio might eat with his morning coffee, my ears perked up when Joanne told me about a cake she had recently made. It sounded as if it met the challenge of being sweet, easy to eat + containing sufficient protein – a component often missing in an ‘Italian breakfast’.

Eagerly, I gathered the ingredients and set the stove to 180 C. As I peeled apples and ground cinnamon I was reminded how baking sets me in the mood for holidays and the ushering in of the fall season. My first attempt at this cake was a bit dry, and the second time I increased the number of apples, it came out super moist and delicious.

Alas, it did not meet the approval of my finicky husband’s taste. “Too healthy”, he pronounced. The seal of approval to add this cake to my list of Nutritional Therapy suggestions.

Note that this is the very same Joanne who inspired the Голубцы post. Another dish, that Claudio did not like at all, and I have enjoyed several times since. We cannot account for taste. If you like apples and a balanced sweet to have for breakfast, with coffee/tea or after a lightish meal, give this cake a bake and let me know what you think.

Pictured four stages of this cake. Top left ripe and juicy in their skins; top right mixed with the ingredients and ready for the oven; bottom left in the oven starting to bake; bottom right the finished product my first time around.

Corys apple cake
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