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Tibetan prayer wheel, Ladakh. Revolving cylinder inscribed with or containing prayers, a revolution of which symbolizes the repetition of a prayer, used by Tibetan Buddhists.
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MEDITATION series Farewell

An invitation to Let Go

  • Ended
  • 60 Swiss francs
  • to be provided upon registration


Turn the wheel and welcome the new year with an open heart and a clear mind. For anyone who wishes to enter the new year with a clean page and let go of outdated ideas and beliefs about who you, or others, must be. __________________________________________________________________________ Meditation supports the process of letting go. Together, in this meditation circle we will quiet our minds, tune into our hearts, and activate our will. Realizing you have nothing to acquire, you create space to clearly see your path and let go of what stands between you and your dreams. Uniting our hearts and our voices we will prepare ourselves to see out the old and in the new. ___________________________________________________________________________ Four evenings of meditation and mantras to help you let go and welcome the new year with ease and grace. For more information or to join this journey contact FoodMood offers you powerful rituals to invite health, prosperity, healing, and love to nurture your soul.

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Lugano, Switzerland

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