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Virtual Travel Experiences - Valuable Learning and the Vatican Revealed

Take this intimate, innovative tour of the Vatican, virtually. Tours are offered in Italian and English.

How can I be of service? A question that has guided most of my life. This question has been my direct connection to my internal compass. It is why I was a Teach for America Teacher for two years teaching 4th and 5th grade in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is how I began my love affair with Russia as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Vladivostok. A life of service has always been imperative to me.

In 2020 this question took on a more specific angle. I found myself asking, “How can I contribute to health and healing, my own, and that of others?”

My fist answer was to gather a group of light beings for an online mediation and discussion group. From this grew a free podcast series, offering short meditations to anyone, anywhere, anytime via my blog. And still, my question burned, and then an answer came. Use my blog to feature and promote others who are using this moment to (re)direct their energies, talents, and skills to shine love, healing and connection. Specifically interviewing a person or group that is thriving, doing something valuable and healing in this period to contribute to global health and healing – body and soul.

This post is the first in this series of features.

Meet Fabiana, Leonardo, and Linda. They are a group of passionate, vivacious, like-minded people with distinctly different talents who came together to combine the excitement of travel and the concept of the documentary. Together their creative talents, their collective experience, and their passions for art, history, culture, and connection have born a fruit that while inspired by the lockdown, will live and prosper long after the world reanimates.

Valuable Learning is their platform and with it, they invite us to experience Italy intimately, now. In Italian and in English.

‘Virtual ‘ tours of museums, galleries, and cultural heritage sites are all the rage in our current ‘virtual reality’. Valuable learning offers a unique twist. Through the use of stories and dramatized scripts, all originally created based on thorough research, they invite us into places, like the Vatican which we may have visited but never seen. At least not in the way they offer us. If you have yet to visit the places they invite us to, here is your chance.

Their first ‘product’ is, The Vatican Revealed. Click here to discover all they have to offer.

Originally the team intended their venture to be a way for people to have these experiences during the lockdown, then a wise friend made a passing comment and a whole new vista opened before them. “What a wonderful way for people who, for whatever reason, may never be able to visit the Vatican, or any of the other places Valuable Learning will offer, I do hope you will continue to offer these experiences even after the lockdown.”

Inspired, the team has set their sights on continuing their venture and are open and committed to its growth and success, excited for how it will all unfold. Experiences currently in the making include a series on Ancient Rome and “Portraits” of female influencers in Rome through the ages.

Discover all of this and more in my special interview with these innovative travelers. Click here to enjoy our interview and see for yourself what their passions have created and how you and your loved ones might enjoy the products of their partnership.

For more information, and or to follow Valuable Learning:

Tel/Whatsapp +39 351 526 5169

Facebook: @VaLearning1

Twitter: @learning_va

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