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Naked Full Moon Dancing and Turkish Circles

Left the full moon peaks through the Italian cypress trees over the Lake of Lugano at 05.30; top right Ayse’s full moon circle tray; bottom right Francesca’s sterling tray with objects being cleansed and blessed by the moon as we dance around them, naked.

Full moons have always fascinated me. Even when I did not know they were happening, their impact made itself known. I would find out the next day, or even a few days later and some action or situation would suddenly make sense to me.

March’s full moon, on the 28th, is the first of spring and the first of 2021’s four Full super moons. A super moon is a full moon that occurs within 90% of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit

Celebrate March’s full moon, the 28th with your own stye and tell us about it here in the comments.

In February 2021 I was also tuned in in advance to the fact that the full moon and all sorts of stars would be aligned to make it a powerful full moon, and I decided to make it mine.

First I invited my Monday meditation group to have a special full moon mediation session on the morning of the full moon. Next I assigned my English conversation class to write about their full moon celebrations and share with the group the following week. Finally, I suggested to a friend who has the perfect garden to host a full moon naked dance party. True to her character she was up for it and next thing we were three for dinner and naked moon dancing.

Magic, exponentially.

Our dinner and dance party was a true celebration of life. We were three, our English hostess, my American self, and our Turkish soul sister. Our dancing was a revelation for us all and you can read all about the evening’s magic below because our hostess was moved to write about it! From my English conversation class one of the Turkish women wrote about her experience in a moving and touching piece of self realization. You will find her piece below as well. Finally, if you click the photo at the bottom of this post, you can enjoy a meditation; full moon dance of life – Reception and Surrender.

MOON DANCING by Francesca Tiffin

On the night of the February Full Moon, three goddesses assembled. They had prepared their celebratory meal with care.

Puntarelle with anchovies to represent the earth and the sea and seasonality. The salty, slightly bitter tang a reminder that pleasure always contains within it the seeds also of displeasure, flavours that could so easily slip into sharpness.

Then spaghetti alla bottarga, a simple dish, made with the freshest of ingredients and enticing in its blend of spaghetti, and breadcrumbs, peasant staples, and exotic fish roe. Finally a fruit salad of pineapple, blue berries and fat, juicy, pomegranate seeds, like giant rubies. Richly blended together with a teaspoon of Nocino, which gave a hint of rosewater and Turkish delight.

One of the goddesses was, in fact, Turkish by birth, even if her antecedents were far from straight forward. She had learnt to be a witch later in her life and was now coming into her full glory, letting her light and her beauty shine forth for others to see and delight in.

The most advanced goddess/witch was by birth American. However she was a mixture of southern Italian origins with Russian-inspired openness that lent her sheer joy in sexuality and sensuality. No trace of typical American prudery remained.

The hostess was English and had, for many years, hidden her beauty and sensuality. Now, however, she was ready to embrace goddess and witch-hood.

Whilst the goddesses ate and drank glorious bubbles of liberating wine juice, the moon began her nightly journey. This night was special, it was the Moon the American Indians worshipped as heralding the end of winter and this February Moon would also coincide with the alignment of all the planets needed for transformation and letting go.

Humankind and all creatures great and small that depended on humankind to thrive, would have the chance to upgrade their DNA this evening, to download higher frequencies and to live more in alignment with their spiritual selves.

When the Moon had risen above the mountain, preceded by its halo of milky white, the goddesses were outside admiring her beauty and paying homage to her strength and capabilities. Each goddess had in her heart wishes for her own development and for humankind’s evolution. Each bore witness to the beauty and intent of the others.

The evening was cold, but with the chill that comes from an early summer evening after the heat of the day has passed; it was not the numbing chill of winter, which was already passing. One by one, the goddesses slipped from their clothes and stood naked in the moonlight, bare feet touching the stones and later the grass, feeling the connection with the earth through all of their bodies.

Flute music wafted outside, a sacred Taoist dance and the goddesses laughed and danced in the moonlight. Their bodies, the hostess realized, were much more beautiful naked than dressed. Their essence shone forth, shorn of all accoutrements and all pretence. Naked there was no place to hide and no need for false modesty. They stood and danced in their full glory and with awareness and love for each other and for humanity and nature.

Later the American goddess read Tarot cards for her friends. One, the hostess, would meet a man, a strong and rich man who would challenge her new-found strength in herself. If she could remain in her essence, the relationship would be good and his roughness would be transformed through her. There were relationships that needed to be severed for this to happen and she would have to make those cuts. It would cost her but she would survive and be in harmony with her deepest self. The final card showed her taking a new place in the family hierarchy, still the Matriarch, but the Matriarch who rules through shining and not through control.

Then the American goddess/witch read the cards of the Turkish goddess. She was entering into a stage in her life where she would be free of many of her current domestic duties and she would be free to embrace her creative self. She would come into wealth, through a sad event but this would spur her creativity. Finally, she would emerge, naked and shining, her light visible for all to see.

In the morning the goddesses continued to worship the Moon and the planetary alignment that would bring such uplifting energy to all on earth. They meditated on giving and receiving, on surrender, on acceptance and joy in their connection with each other and with the Universe.

They committed to meet and to dance naked for each Full Moon.


I woke up in a state of confusion. To gather myself, I ate some fruits and rested in my bed. Then my confusion changed to stress. It was clear that I needed to be compassionate with myself and all of the conflicting things in my brain.

First I had to speak to a person from my workplace. We had started our conversation the day before when at the end of the day I said to myself, “I have shit at the moment, what will I do with it?” The answer that came to me overnight was, “transform the shit to manure”. So I called him and I explained my decison to leave my work for a new adventure. This done, I was fresh, and still looking inward.

Second, two months ago, I began to have an idea to organise a circle at home and when I checked the agenda I saw that February 27 was the perfect time. To activate, I had asked two friends to participate and they wanted to join. I was as shocked at them wanting to join as I was at my asking them to do so. Everything was flowing, my actions and words were all spontaneous, I realized this was how I wanted to contribute to our relationships.

Now, February 27 had come and I still had confusion about joining with the others. All day I didn’t trust myself or anyone else either. Luckily, I followed the voice in my heart, its instructions were clear, ‘you must do that, just prepare’. Remembereing this voice reminding me to ‘keep going’ I drank coffee while I researched and studied how to best prepare and facilitate the circle. I wrote my intention, the circle process, and my dreams. I tried to find the core of all of them. Next I visited my tree friend in the park. I sat next to him and prepared an invitation letter.

Later, I talked to my sister on the phone. She said she was worried about me. I listened to all of her points and I found myself feeling disconnected from my values. It seemed that I was scared to change and it was important for me to separate her ideas from mine. In my cells I felt that I needed to trust the universe.

Back at home I sliced carrots into small pieces and cooked pasta together with Sevecen and Doğuş and then we ate all together. Still I had this feeling that the others didn't want to join in the circle. Somehow I was refusing to accept their honesty. These feelings affected me negatively and still I continued preparing. The time came to begin and we sat in the circle without Kıvanç. She was making masala tea for us.

A month ago I had decided on the theme of ‘fantasy’ and now, when she joined us, Sevecen told her fantasy. Doğuş told his and Serim started a conversation about what he really wanted in life. He didn’t want fantasy, he said ‘I want to be in the moment'. We went on to share our opinions in peace and harmony. My observation about the core of our conversation was balancing our feelings and living without writing stories in our brains.

All day my confusion continued. Again I turned to the same point I needed to trust from myself to the universe. Writing this, I realised these concepts look to me like spheres. Like the earth and the moon.

Click this image and go to Full moon dance of life – Reception and Surrender meditation. In this meditation we explore the dance of life, receiving and surrendering through the breath. A meditation for the February 2021 full moon.

Celebrate March’s full moon, the 28th with your own stye and tell us about it here in the comments.

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