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Discernment: Join me at Baykush School for a special Journey

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

People are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc on Zoom, Skype, hang outs another etc. Covid 19 has prompted all sorts of new creations, changes, adjustments, and collaborations. In September I did two live interviews on Instagram with my friend Begum. These interviews are in honor of the launch of her online learning platform Baykush Okul, Owl School in Turkish. Baykush means owl in Turkish. Owls have the capacity to see in the dark. Everything offered by the Baykush school offers this light.

Baykush School was already being born before Covid. It offers guests, members, and subscribers unique “Journeys”, what Baykush calls any given course.

To understand more about Baykush and its principles I interviewed Begum live on Instagram. Click here to view a recording of this interview with the Owl’s School’s founder Begum Erenler.

What makes Baykush truly unique for me, is the platforms capacity and willingness to embody its philosophy of abundance in every way. Specifically to offer guides and teachers a place to share their gifts, and participants and users to pay according to their possibilities and the value they felt they received taking any given journey.

When Begum first told me this was the payment format, I was curious, how will it all work I wondered. I am still wondering and will soon find out, as my first journey begins on Wednesday, 28 October.

Join us and we can all enter this new world together!

As a prelude to the 6 week journey I will lead starting 28 October, Begum and I had a discussion titled Mechanisms of Choice. Click here to view a recording of this discussion.

Shine your light with me in this first Journey I will lead at the Baykush School. Discernment: Identify & transform your habits back to conscious choices.

Course Description:

Join us for this journey into your freedom of choice.

“First, we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

Do we remember that our habits, convictions, and even addictions started out as choices?

Viewing life as a choice is powerful.

The main aims of this course are to:

o Bring us back to choice, over and over again

o Develop the skill of discernment between being in choice and being in habit

o Release judgement of ourselves and others around habits and choices

o Be kind to ourselves in all instances

Consistent to my coaching and training styles, the course outline serves as just that, an outline. Depending on the individual needs of the participants we will navigate the depth and breadth of each meeting. The aims of the course will remain consistent and the path we take to arrive to them has many possibilities.

In theory we will begin by identifying our habits and returning to the sensation of conscious choice. During these sessions we will explore the concepts of convictions and addictions. Presentation, theory, open discussion and meditation will be our methods (activities).

Next two sessions, using open discussion and guided meditations, we will identify the source of our habits. In this way uncovering the the first conscious choice we made and the convictions that either contributed to these choices or evolved as the choice became a habit.

In the final two sessions we will explore the concepts and tools which allow us to make new choices.

We will have a two week interval between these two sessions to allow time for independent meditation and integration.

Join us for this journey into your freedom of choice.

Timing Wednesdays beginning 28 October, ending 9 December 6 weeks, 5 consecutive, then one with a 2 week interval

NOTE TIME 16.00 – 17.30 Central European Time - 17.00 – 18.30 Turkish time - 2 pm – 3.30 pm EST USA

To register or with any questions contact me directly:


As indicated, Baykush operates on the gift economy. At your last class you choose to pay in accordance to the benefit you feel you have gained from your time in the course and according to your budget.

Payment is to be made via transferwise a secure platform that allows you to transform funds at almost no cost.

Your payment will come directly to me and then I will give a portion of each payment to Baykush directly using transferwise.

Join us for this journey into your freedom of choice.

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