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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

Bunny launches her own line of cards in time for Christmas - Get yours now!

We are happy introduce a line of Bunny Chronicle postcards. Now you can send Bunny & Bearli images to the world at large, just click here and order today!

Last week I did a meditation where the point of focus was, the heart’s desire. There I was in my mind’s eye, writing, just like Bunny pictured above. This is the premiere card in Bunny’s new line of postcards. Everyone needs a card on hand for that upcoming, or even unexpected occasion. Plus they are just plain fun. Now we have for you a card for all occasions including the first Holiday card in what will be a yearly production.

We begin with 12 images you can view and order in our shop for free delivery to your home, click here. Order by 6 December and receive in time for Christmas.

My history with cards.

When I first met Diana Levine in 1994, she shared with me her card stock. Boxes of cards for various occasions; thank you, birthday, blank, all the major holidays, anniversary, even condolence. Already a lover of the post and the written word, I quickly adapted her habit to my own style. Since then I have kept my own stock of cards, wherever I have lived.

In 2007 when I came to live in Switzerland, where one card could cost 7 francs, I began to import them from America. Anytime I was there I bought them, various boxes of cards later to be stored in Ziploc bags, ready for any occasion. Whenever someone asked me what I wanted from the USA, cards, I asked them to bring or send me cards. After a few years blank cards and thank you cards became my favorites.

Postcards had their place too. Everywhere I went in the world, I sent postcards. Sometimes to many, and always to a select few. Magpie grew up with my postcards, fueling her naturally born wanderlust. When my mother cleaned out my father’s home when he died in 2014 two of the only “non-essential” things he had in his minimal home, photos I had sent him of me with police around the world, and a box with all the postcards I had sent him. My grandmother used to say of all the cards I sent her, “You never forget me Nicole”. Even today, there are 2-3 special people to whom I always send a postcard.

Just after I published the first Bunny Chronicles, I was visiting a friend and she gifted me a postcard, specially made for her business. Taken by these I contacted her printer and made postcards of my three favorite images from this book, including the cover and back cover. With delight I gifted these cards to friends and family for various occasions, as well using them for sundry professional correspondence. People began to ask me where they might get these cards for their own use.

Voila! Preparing the launch of the second Chronicle MAGICAL PORTUGAL and its teaching materials, we happily introduce a line of Bunny Chronicle postcards. Now you can send Bunny & Bearli images to the world at large, just click here and order today!

All cards are made of premium paper stock

size 11X14.5 cm (4.3 X 5.7 inches) 300 gr (10.6 oz)

Below an image of the writing side of each card. Please note that the Christmas card is dated 2019 as shown, all others 2020.

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