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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

Primavera, Milanese style

Bunny rests against a tree while I do Qi gong in the Indro Montanelli Public Gardens near Porta Venezia.

Finding myself in Milan on a glorious spring day, I celebrated my mother and her birthday by exploring Porta Venezia, a part of town I had only been once more than a decade ago. Prompted by an exhibit at the Palazzo Morando, I set out on foot from citta studi and skipped my way across town in the most glorious sunshine, a feast of springtime blooms, and inspiring architecture.

Left the natural history museum in the public gardens; right a belle epoque building along a side street which demanded my attention as I wandered about.

By the time I got to the Palazzo, they were closed for lunch, so I took myself to the LuBar and settled in for a feast in honor of Mommy. Discovering this gem was part of what delayed me in reaching the exhbit in the first place. Set in the garden of the Villa Reale, which houses the Galleria d'Arte Moderna the three siblings with Sicilian origins who created this place have my attention.

Right Bunny presides over lunch, lentil soup with bacon and a salad of puntarella and anchovies, one of my favs; left a mini coffee with an even more mini cannolo Siciliano.

The exhibit we had hoped to see is on until September, a reason to go back. A plan is in the works for a girls lunch at LuBar, this time we will hopefully get to the actual exhibit!

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