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La settimana dei morti, play dead and nurture your light

Pici gazes at our Halloween cookies wondering if they will be added to our family of poppets, they could definitely be seasonal avatars for Claudio & I.

Halloween has come to Europe, even trick or treating abounds these days, however different the form. Walking to town on Halloween, I laughed to myself, it is the “week of the dead” I thought. Literally, “La settimana della morte", and there are so few cars on the road because many take the week off and go away, even the school has holiday for the week of the dead.

Colloquially this group of days which make up the week of the dead, are a compilation of the Catholic holidays:

For me, an American transplanted out of America, these days are a time to pause, to go in, rest, reset, and adjust my speed to the season. Spring and summer are fast, full of light, and activity. Fall and winter are a time to slow down, regroup, and nurture my internal light. Like our Bearli hibernates in winter, he plays dead to restore himself to full power; I wish us all the wisdom to take this time to nurture ourselves body and soul.

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