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Welcome to FoodMood blog space. Reflections on my travels, musings, favorite recipes, and the  Bunny Chronicles. Storytelling with joy, sass, self-reflection, and hope.

What people say about Nicole as a Nutritional Advisor, Trainer, & Guide


"When I first saw Nicole I had poor sleep, low energy levels and muscle pain. I also suffered from bloating after eating and from a bitter taste in my mouth.

I filled in a detailed questionnaire before we met and then we went through in detail my habits and eating patterns. Nicole suggested a number of dietary adjustments and ways of thinking that I could adopt which would help me achieve my goal of achieving better and more consistent energy, better sleep, better digestion and less muscle cramping.

Some of her suggestions were medical, others physical and others psychological. I began to adopt some of the strategies she suggested and found them doable. Within weeks they had become my new norm and, by our second meeting, I was ready to take on more challenges.

Our third meeting confirmed to me just how far I had come in a very short time frame. Nicole has given me tools and strategies to use in my life to improve my overall health and outlook. She has empowered me to deal with issues I had simply assumed were part of life and therefore intractable. I am very much indebted to her and would highly recommend her. She is professional, passionate about Nutritional Therapy, discrete and very knowledgeable. She is totally committed to her clients and to helping them become the best they can be."


"I had a series of nutritional coaching sessions with Nicole regarding my eating and lifestyle habits and found her to be very professional, discreet, perceptive and friendly.

I was inflamed, with joint pains and acidity and Nicole helped me review my eating habits and change my patterns. She gave me some excellent personalised documents with concrete suggestions and advice, recipes, details on how to cook different grains and legumes and vegetables for maximum health benefits, and links to useful articles and books.

After each session, Nicole updated the document with more information, and more ideas and suggestions until I had a complete guide to healthy living. Thank you Nicole for this precious information, and for helping me get back on track and lower my inflammation!

I went to Nicole for Nutritional therapy thinking that there were some things I could do to tweak my eating habits to achieve optimal health. I had no idea that our sessions would change my health and outlook in so many ways."

Webinar FOOD & Culture

I think you would have been proud of me in Madrid Nicole. The FOOD & Culture webinar was very timely and like Maggie, I found it had a profound effect which I could put into practice straight away. The hotel had a lovely breakfast buffet and apart from the usual scrambled eggs, cheese selection and various mueslis, they also had trays of fried aubergines, stewed courgettes, steamed broccoli and a mixture of carrots and peppers.

The first time ever that I had broccoli for breakfast and something I’m pretty sure I would have passed on were it not for the webinar. So thank you for broadening my horizons so instantly. In fact I think both of us made a more determined effort to sample, cuttle fish for my husband Ger, bull tail for me, we tried them all.

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