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Living on Purpose: Gratitude

Cultivate the state of Gratitude

  • Ended
  • 60 Swiss francs
  • to be provided upon registration


متشکرم Thank you. Grazie. Спасибо. teşekkür ederim. Ευχαριστώ. Danke. Merci. Дякую. Diolch. Bedankt. תודה. شكرا Շնորհակալություն. In any language, gratitude is a beautiful word. A perfectly packaged gift. As a state of being, gratitude is a powerful force of nature. Some people keep gratitude journals. Others recite gratitude mantras upon waking and before going to sleep. We celebrate entire holidays around the concept of gratitude. And, how do you live gratitude in your daily life? On the way to the bus? In the office, on a zoom call? With your partner, parent, friend? With a total stranger, or a casual acquaintance? A wise friend once said to me, there are three phrases that indicate maturity: I love you. I am sorry. Thank you These phrases also directly connect with my capacity to give and receive. Giving and receiving, pillars of gratitude, the music that accompanies the magic dance of life. Give yourself and others the gift of gratitude. Cultivate and connect to the power of gratitude as a state of being _______________________________________________________________ The Living on Purpose series invites you to meet yourself where you are in the moment and connect to what serves your living on Purpose. Organized in monthly themes, weekly meetings are structured opportunities to meet and explore a theme through discussion, exploration, meditation, reflection, and at times mantra and movement. Empowering and supporting, each meeting is a new opportunity to experience yourself and others. Guided mediation is a unique chance to explore and nurture healing and unity. Seasoned and the newest of meditators alike are welcome to come together and share in a safe and nurturing environment. _______________________________________________________________ Meditations will be recorded and made available to circle members. For more information or to join this journey contact FoodMood offers you powerful rituals to invite health, prosperity, healing, and love to nurture your soul. FoodMood is dedicated to nurturing you living on Purpose. Guided meditation and reflection to plant seeds and focus your attention on what makes you feel alive. Uniting our hearts and minds we create and nurture the life we want.

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Lugano, Switzerland

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