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Communication journey

Welcome to a meeting with your soul

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This journey is an invitation to anyone who wishes to explore communication as a state of being. Explore communication’s energetic impacts, mechanisms, beliefs, habits, filters, & expectations. Experience yourself in relationship to your communication with yourself and others. This intimate journey offers a mix of private guiding and the support of a group dynamic in which to share, witness, and grow. ______________________________________________________________________________ ◦ 18 February 2023 ◦ online via Zoom ◦ Maximum 5 participants _____________________________________________________________________________ This journey is the first in a yearlong series dedicated to developing heart-based communication as a way of life. Each meeting will give you opportunities to consider the source of your communication, what is at your underlying point/agenda? Is it your ego? Is it your wish to empower and inspire? Or your wish to question, maintain, withhold, or even punish? Do you recognize communication as a form of transmission and a function of world order? Have you chosen how you will consciously have a role in it? What channels and forms of communication do you give permission to enter your space? Are you mindful of both how you receive and how you transmit? Do you see communication as transmission? Overall, we will focus on the subtle energetic currents that run under, in, and around our communication. To do this, aspects of communication which we will consider throughout the year include: o how do I communicate responsibly? o what is my energy in transmitting and receiving messages? o three types of communication, verbal, nonverbal, and paraverbal o what is my connectedness, or disconnectedness, with what and how I communicate? o how does my connection impact my message and its reception? o what can cause miscommunication? o what is the difference between transmitting a message and insisting another receive it? o is my communication an invitation or a demand? Do I know the difference? o do I see when I interrupt the flow of communication? Do I do it on purpose? o do I recognize communication as a tool to shine my light, to give my gifts, to offer what it is I came here to do, as well as a tool that can be used for creativity? For more information or to join this journey contact FoodMood offers you powerful rituals to invite health, prosperity, healing, and love to nurture your soul.

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Lugano, Switzerland

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