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Lazy days of summer evolve to the intense days of autumn

Lago di Santa Croce, searching for a cool breeze.

August in the mountains of Italy. Entire days lay before me totally unscheduled. A state which in the past would terrify me, what to do? How to be productive and make each moment count? This summer, I felt in particular the effects of my adventures in India last summer. For the first time in decades I was excited to be 6 years old again. To wake up with the day before me, unplanned, total magic to unfold.

Sure a measure of planning may be required sometimes, and the delight to reconnect to the ebb and flow of life, this is the gift for which I was most grateful for in these “lazy” summer days. There is a time for everything, and I fully enjoyed this time to rest and regenerate, to fill up in preparation for the full, intense days of autumn.

Bunny and I are off again on tour and we will be back later this fall with updates or our adventures and culinary delights.

The photos below demonstrate the magical moments, planned and spontaneous, of our summer adventures in the Dolomites.

Our first full day was at the super generous bbq of Claudio’s cousin Prode, left with his companion Daniela; super roasted meats on an open spit center; Claudio and Stefano hanging out in the “VIP” lounge with Bunny & Bearli left.

A skip to Zoldo to take a hike with friends Lili & Tiziano, bottom right Claudio & Tiziano with the dolomites behind them; bottom center our little group with the mountains and meadows; bottom left Bunny & Bearli in Claudio’s backpack hitching a ride; left middle Bunny, Bearli, & I pose in front of Civetta peak; left top me and Pelmo; center the whole family with Civetta.

Spontaneous gin & tonic party right; thanks to our singing friend Massimo with Claudio and their cigars left.

Eating gelato top left; idling lakeside bottom left; discovering exotic new places center; goat watching bottom middle; posing bottom right; and having pastry for breakfast at our favorite Pasticceria Centelleghe where Patti fans herself red.

Always magic, Patti shared with me her meditation spot right the view from the Valzella church yard; left the refreshing shakeratto I drank afterwards thanks to Paola at Bar Roma.

Vegetables were freshly picked, thanks to Piero next town, left fresh tomatoes worthy of royalty; right Bunny with a bouquet of zucchini flowers hand delivered by Piero during our radio show.

Just before we left, Patti and I did Qi-gong on the Bay of Sirens as a storm gathered on the other side of Lago di Santa Croce.

We broadcast our last three radio programs remotely from the Dolomites too! Right with all our materials in Patti’s garden; top left at Bruna’s with Santa Croce lake as our “office” view; middle Bunny hangs out in the garden while I am on the air; early morning lake view on our walk to garden “office”.

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