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Русский старый новый год – Old New Year Russian Style

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Center me, circa 2006, with my Christmas present and newly knitted accessories, ready for the old new year; top left on the ice new year's day; middle left Aliona and I celebrating; bottom left Natasha, Iosef, & Margarita my favorite Russians; next three me goofing off on new years day ON the bay in Vladivostok

Living in Russia shaped me in many ways, one for sure is knowing how to have a good time. When I lived there the holidays began in December and went right through to the 14th. Russian new year, 14 January.

My first year in Vladivostok, long before digital photos, I was invited by my friend Faina to have an Amernian new year. We started at 22.30, dinner at 23.30, and we went on until 05.00. Pomegranate was a main feature of the evening; symbol of life, fertility, abundance, and rebirth. Perfect to see in the new year, click for my Russian New Year kale salad.

For years I celebrated in Russia and I have taken this celebration with me everywhere I have lived. This year I will be in Rome, and like every year I will honor all my Russian friends, and my Russian self. This being the part of myself who remembers that there is a time to work, hard, long, and serious and a time to rest, totally turn off, and celebrate life in the company of those I love – even if I am visiting them in spirit only.

С новым старым годом!

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