Bunny on the shelf and flying with her continuing adventures.

The Bunny Chronicles are picking up speed, with the first book – How Bunny was Born - on the shelves officially in July, and their media presence on Instagram, thanks to Dixi books, is prominent. Plus Dixi has created a workbook for teachers and students to use this series as a teaching platform for young people. Bunny, in short, has taken on a life of her own and he...

 Bunny holding her own as we enter the book fair.

In 2006 bunny was born in Istanbul.

In January 2019 bunny debuted in her own book series, the Bunny Chronicles.

In April 2019 she appeared for the first time on shelves at our Turkish publisher Dixi books stand, at the International Children’s Book Fair in Bologna which we attended together with our dear friend, devoted lover of books and proud Istanbul’lu, Esra.

Top Bunny on the s...

March 1, 2019

Once again, my NT alma mater IINH, gave me the opportunity to lead an interactive session titled Food & Culture with fellow Nutritional Therapists (NTs), Nutrition & Health Coaches (NHCs), and current students of these disciplines. In this 75 minute program we explored the concept of food and culture as it relates to assisting clients in their optimal healing. We talked about empowering clients to make food choices that a...

Back cover of the first edition of the Bunny Chronicles, how Bunny was born.

For Nicole Crabtree, this is a dream come true. As an auntie and aspiring author on a mission to express her love of reading and share her own stories with family who live far away, Nicole decided to create a book series that can be shared with the world.

Click here to order your copy today.

Dear Reader,

Annabeth was born in January 2018, my niece, and...

March 7, 2018


"When I first saw Nicole I had poor sleep, low energy levels and muscle pain. I also suffered from bloating after eating and from a bitter taste in my mouth.

I filled in a detailed questionnaire before we met and then we went through in detail my habits and eating patterns. Nicole suggested a number of dietary adjustments and ways of thinking that I could adopt which would help me achieve my goal of achieving better and mor...

February 16, 2018

Last night my passion for food and culture had an exciting milestone. Just in time to celebrate the year of the Dog, I had a chance to lead an interactive session titled Food & Culture with fellow Nutritional Therapists (NTs), Nutrition & Health Coaches (NHCs), and current students of these disciplines at my alma mater IINH.  This 90 minute program gave us the opportunity to explore the concept of food and...

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